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Mountain Highs: Growtown Panakeia Pure CBG

Welcome to the first in our series of Mountain Standard exclusive reviews with an eye on new, exciting, and often local cannabis products available right here in Edmonton, AB.

To kick things off, we've chosen a real rarity with a bud that isn't high in THC, or even CBD, but one that is high in another cannabinoid that is growing very quickly in popularity, called CBG. Want to know more specifically about CBG? Then check out our Cannabinoid blog here, otherwise, read on!

Growtown Panakeia CBG Board

Panakeia Pure CBG is the only strain currently available in Canada that only contains cannabigerol (CBG); with no psychoactive components of THC.

Hailing from a remarkable development program at the Polytechnic University of Valencia in Spain, and specifically developed with a CBG range of 10%-16%, this strain focuses on aiding to soothe the body and mind without the psychoactive properties of THC.

Now let’s get into the nitty gritty of aroma, appearance, flavour and experience:


Growtown’s Panakeia came packaged in a small, black, plastic container with a humidity pack inside. The same packaging used for the Powdered Donuts strain they also offer. Although, because there is zero THC, the packaging does not have the Canadian Duty Paid sticker. Once opened, a very light earthy/herbal smell is the first to greet you, followed by a subtle mint tea aroma. As this is a pure CBG strain of flower, it doesn’t present terpenes like typical cannabis; therefore the aroma and flavour will be very minimal.


You can expect light green buds with visible crystals all over. The bud itself was dry, leafy, and very loose. However, it is to be expected with a pure CBG strain. Due to the unique nature of this strain there are also quite a few seeds in the finished product. As a company, Growtown has worked to remove as many seeds as possible and stated that they pack a little extra bud to compensate for this issue.

Growtown Panakeia CBG Packaging


Similar to the aroma, the flavour is very mild and earthy. On inhale the taste was similar to that of a herbal tea; on the exhale there was a slight whisper of mint. There is also a muskiness that creeps up on you after the exhale. As stated before, because there are no terpenes in this flower, the taste is light and barely noticeable.


Surprisingly the smoke itself was very smooth even with the lack of moisture in the buds; with little to no throat irritation or coughing (even after taking sizable hits). Given this flower is THC free, the effects are going to differ from person to person (just like any cannabis strain). After smoking a full bowl of just Panakeia the feeling was similar to that of a strictly CBD strain (think Pure Sun CBD from Pure Sunfarms). There was zero impairment/intoxicating effects and a sense of calming and relaxation. When mixed with another strain (Growtown: Powdered Donuts, 30% THC, HEAVY Indica) the less desirable traits of THC seem to be dampened substantially. Instead of being left couch-locked and heavily impaired after smoking the Powdered Donuts by itself…When combined with the Panakeia, it made it far less intense and helped to maintain a clarity that would otherwise be diminished by the potency of the THC.

Growtown Panakeia CBG Closeup


Grown in Ontario by specialty research and minor cannabinoid experts, this flower is grown outdoors, hung to dry, machine trimmed, and then given to Growtown to hand sort and manicure. Growtown’s Panakeia is a strictly CBG hybrid strain that offers no psychoactive effects with soothing mind and body benefits. Although new on the market, this strain is sure to be a new favourite among CBD and THC enthusiasts alike.

Growtown Panakeia Pure CBG is available (most of the time) here at Mountain Standard, the best local cannabis stores around! Take a closer look on our website and grab yours today.

Happy Tokin'

The Mountain Standard Gang


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