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Mountain Highs: MTL Sage N' Sour

Welcome to our series of Mountain Standard exclusive reviews with an eye on new, exciting, and often local cannabis products available right here in Edmonton, AB.

MTL’s Sage N’ Sour is a Sativa dominant Hybrid (listed typically as a Sativa) that boasts a high THC range as well as the added bonus of a low percentage (1%-2%) CBG range. A cross between Sour Diesel and S.A.G.E, this strain takes its Sour Diesel lineage to the next level through its unique terpene profile.

MTL Sage N Sour


The Sage N’ Sour came packaged in a small, black, plastic container with no humidity pack. Once open, the immediate pungent smell of pine and cedar can be detected; followed closely by a strong citrus aroma. The total terpene content in this batch was a whopping 4.17%, with the dominant terpene being terpinolene (floral & herbaceous). Other terpenes you'll find include: ocimene (sweet & woodsy), beta-caryophyllene (spice & pepper), limonene (citrus), and pinene (pine). Overall the aroma was earthy/woodsy with strong undertones of citrus; fitting for a flower named Sage N’ Sour.


You can expect fairly large nugs from this MTL offering, as well as a super frosty trichome coating. The buds were sticky, dense, and slightly dry. With amazingly bright orange pistils and buds of a brilliant green, this flower is a real looker and very photogenic.

MTL Sage N Sour Open


Similar to that of the aroma, there are strong earthy and citrus notes in the flavour profile. On inhale it is quite citrus based, with notes of lemon and lime; on the exhale there is a lingering diesel/gas flavour. There are also noticeable hints of spice and a slightly sweet pine taste.


Having a THC range between 21%-27%, this flower is known to be a heavy hitting sativa and is not really recommended for first time tokers. The smoke itself was relatively smooth, although it did cause some minor throat irritation and coughing (likely caused by lack of moisture). By the end of the smoke session the feelings of euphoria and happiness were ever present. As the high developed, it gave way to waves of high-level energy and helped to stimulate a creative thought process. The additional bonus of CBG does lend a hand to mitigate the less desirable traits of THC as well. This strain would be ideal for those who enjoy “waking and baking” as it delivers a clear, happy, creative and euphoric high. Because this strain offers an energising effect, it would likely not fare well being a bed-time smoke.

MTL Sage N Sour Bud


Grown indoors in Montréal, this flower is hang dried, cold cured, thumb trimmed and hand packed. MTL’s Sage N’ Sour is a sativa dominant hybrid that offers a high THC range; with a wonderful aroma, flavour profile, and experience this strain is definitely worth the hype. MTL currently offers Sage N’ Sour in 3.5g or 14g quantities.

MTL Sage N' Sour is available (most of the time) here at Mountain Standard, the best local marijuana stores around! Take a closer look on our website and grab yours today.

Happy Tokin'

The Mountain Standard Gang


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