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Boaz White Russian Reserve 3x 0.5g Joints

Boaz White Russian Reserve 3x 0.5g Joints

Premium flower pre-rolls are made with our Handcrafted WR Reserve Edition, a sweet and flavourful sativa-dominant hybrid. Legendary strains White Widow and AK-47 were crossed to create this premium hybrid. Smooth-yet spicy aroma is laden with hints of citrus, and is sweetened up with notes of orange and vanilla blossoms. Beta pinene, beta-myrcene, limonene and beta caryophyllene are all dominant terpenes in this punchy bud. WR Reserve Edition flowers are heavily frosted with sticky trichomes and our hand-rolling technique ensures the best possible product. WR Reserve Edition has a higher THC than our original White Russian with all the flavour and aroma that makes our original White Russian a fan favorite.


THC 15-20%

CBD 0-1%


3x 0.5g