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A Look Inside: Partake Cannabis

Welcome to an exclusive look inside a local cannabis producer facility from right here in Edmonton, AB.

Ever wonder what the inside of a local, craft cannabis facility looks like? How do they grow? How do they trim? How do they water their crops and keep pests at bay? Well thank your lucky stoner-stars, because a few of our Mountain Standard staff got the VIP treatment and saw and heard it all–from bloom to bud! Come learn more about Partake Cannabis and check out an inside peek of their facility, located right here in Edmonton, AB!

At Partake, the growers are devoted to the highest artisanal craft standards– no machine trim jobs or chemical pesticides, ever. Through a careful selection process; unique genetics and classic cuts (that pay homage to predecessors) are sourced. Crosses are then hunted for cultivar phenotypes with a high potency potential and unique terpene profile that epitomize the finest parts of each genetic type. The amount of effort put into finding premium genetics is outstanding and underlines how much passion and love goes into these plants.

The selected cultivars are grown and cared for meticulously in real soil, watering and fertilizing based on DAILY inspections of every plant. It is important to note that even the watering is done completely by hand– it's an individualized, home-grown kind of care. There is NO use of chemical pesticides in this facility, but to keep the pests at bay Partake employs the use of beneficial insects. Considering this approach to growing cannabis, it ensures optimal growth for the plant throughout its lifecycle. A healthy cannabis plant is vital in producing a distinctly high quality craft cannabis experience.

Once those baby canna-plants grow up, they will be tenderly harvested by Partake’s team of growers at their peak time. No sooner, no later. Once harvested the plants are hang-dried (by their stems) in a dry and cool environment to preserve the beautiful trichomes responsible for cannabinoid and terpene production. This ensures a gradual, but thorough curing process that retains flavor and humidity at its prime. Curing the cannabis properly leads to maximum taste/aroma and removes the harshness that can come across while toking.

As mentioned previously, Partake does not use machine’s to trim their cannabis, they use...wait for it...real live people! In the trimming room itself there were five dedicated trimmers, carefully and thoughtfully trimming the bud down. Due to employing actual humans to do the trimming, the buds come out well preserved and so beautifully manicured every time. Stems? We don’t know her...

Partake does hand-pack their product as well; attentively packing the flower in reusable glass containers that were designed to preserve the freshness and quality of the cannabis. The containers can also be traced back to the harvest date, batch date, and the COA (certificate of analysis) for total transparency. Don’t forget about the pre-rolls though! These pre-rolls are whole flower–no trim or shake to be found! And of course they are accurate to the strain you choose, not the leftovers no one particularly wants.

To remain completely transparent, Partake does comprehensive testing from the top to the bottom of the plant. This ensures that all COA’s reflect all of their product in every jar. No cherry picking colas here! They also list the major terpenes and accurate THC numbers, no rounding up or down.

As Partake is a smaller craft facility, all of this takes time, patience and a lot of love and respect for the plant. Landon Yarmuch is the master grower behind it all; honing his art for many years, growing small crops of medical cannabis. Constantly learning and striving to improve on his craft, in 2017 Landon co-founded Partake. In doing so he set out to achieve a new standard for cultivating cannabis, combining science with a nurturing approach and an appreciation for the benefits of focusing on the needs of the flower, first, and foremost. His experience and education about cannabis is exceptional and truly shows in the flower Partake produces.

Presently the only cultivar Partake is offering on the market is GMO (Hybrid), affectionately named Garlic Cookies. Known for its potent terpene profile, this flower imparts a garlicky coffee aroma with hints of earth, gas and spice. The leading terpenes being: Limonene (citrus/lemon), Myrcene (earthy/musky) and Caryophyllene (spice). It owes its gassy undertones and shape to Chemdawg’s spade shaped colas and Forum GSC sprinkles the dense light green buds with hints of purple and imparts bakery aromas. With a higher THC range, this cultivar is quite the heavy hitter and makes for a flavourful smoke sesh.

Setting the highest craft cannabis standards, staying true to the single-strain tradition, growing for maximum THC and terpene content. That’s what the team at Partake means when they say: Real. Craft. Flower. The folks at Partake are working diligently to grow and test more of their cultivars. Over the next few months, you can expect to see new and enticing cultivars become available on the market… such as Sundae Float and Kush Mints. Yum!

We at Mountain Standard Cannabis would like to express our gratitude to Partake Cannabis for allowing us to tour and photograph their facility. The experience was like no other and the knowledge gained is priceless.

Want to order some Partake GMO right now? Click here to get started!

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