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Mountain Highs: Broken Coast Kush Mints

Welcome to our series of Mountain Standard exclusive reviews with an eye on new, exciting, and often local cannabis products available right here in Edmonton, AB.

Broken Coast’s Kush Mints is a balanced (50% Indica/50% Sativa) BC grown hybrid with a mid-high THC range. A cross between Animal Mints and Bubba Kush, Kush Mints brings on well-balanced effects that hit both body and mind.


The Kush Mints came packaged in a small (smaller than the standard size packaging for bud), black, plastic container with no humidity pack included. Upon opening the package the complex and distinguished scent of wintergreen (sweet & minty) can be detected with tangy hints of pine and cedar up front, followed by spicy notes of pepper and chai; and finishing with a strong skunky tail end. The terpene content is not currently listed for this batch of Kush Mints; however the top three terpene’s listed are: Limonene (citrus), Caryophyllene (spice & pepper), and Cedrene (fresh & woodsy). Overall the aroma was mild, with a fresh/minty scent and strong hints of pine and spice.


The bud in this batch of Kush Mints was beautiful to look at. With candied layers of trichomes coating dense, brightly colored green buds with pops of purple peeking from between the dark fan leaves. The nugs were squishy, dense and sticky– after grinding it up, the colour definitely shifts to a purple forward tint.

Broken Coast Kush Mints


Flavour wise this flower gives off spicy notes of pine and wood that are mellowed out by a subtle chocolate sweetness. On inhale the initial taste is herbaceous, followed closely by a spicy kick of chai; on exhale there is a slight sweetness with a minty undercurrent. There are also noticeable hints of skunk, pine, and cedar.


The smoke itself was smooth and caused no throat irritation or coughing, and there was little to no harshness noticed. Although usually described as a 50/50 hybrid, Kush Mints tends to be more calming than it is stimulating. With an initial burst of creativity and energy, the high developed into a very cerebral high, with bouts of time dilation, total body relaxation, and some brain fog. There was also a couch-lock period that lasted for about 15 minutes after the initial smoke– it did dissipate with time however. This strain also induced some bouts of “munchies” and after it cleared it left a slightly “burnt out” feeling. Kush Mints would fare well as a brunch/early afternoon toke as it does offer that initial energy boost but winds you down into a much calmer state.


Grown indoors in British Columbia, this flower is hand trimmed, small batch & single room grown, and naturally slow cured. Broken Coast’s Kush Mints is a 50/50 hybrid that offers a mid-high (20%-26%) THC range; with a memorable appearance, unique flavour and aroma profile, this strain is well-known for a reason. Broken Coast currently offers Kush Mints in 3.5g or pre-rolled quantities.

Broken Coast Kush Mints is available (most of the time) here at Mountain Standard, the best local marijuana stores around! Take a closer look on our website and grab yours today.

Happy Tokin'

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