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Mountain Highs: Top 5 Dried Flower

Welcome to the first in our series of Mountain Highs, in which we explore the absolute best in legal Canadian cannabis available right here in Edmonton, AB.

Today, we're going through our list of current Top 5 Dried Flower cannabis options available here in Alberta. Roughly 2.5 years into legalization, there are now plenty of great options for even the pickiest of potheads at Mountain Standard Cannabis. Here's five of our favs (in no particular order):

1. Natural History LA Kush Cake

This newly arrived flower has quickly caught all of our attentions here at Mountain Standard. Big purple speckled buds, big sweet vanilla flavour, big sugary kief crystals, and a big potency (our last batch came in just under 25%), what else could you ask for? Oh yeah, it's locally grown right here in Edmonton!

2. Simply Bare Organic Blue Dream

All it takes is one sniff of Simply Bare's organic Blue Dream offering and you'll be hooked. I considered moving out of my place and in to a jar of this stuff when I smelled it. It's that good!

The reason for the amazing aromas is elevated terpene levels, and with elevated terpenes comes elevated effects, and also elevated highs. Dense sugary buds and a fruity, sweet smell translate in to a similar taste and a real clean burn for this sativa. This is proper quality stuff.

3. Ness Mint Sour

Sweet, sticky sativa goodness with a sour, minty taste and smell is what you'll get with Ness Mint Sour. If you like Ultra Sour or any of those tart (i.e. cat pee) strains, this one is right up that alley but adds in a fresh minty blast that really goes well with the sour for a new twist. A descendant of the legendary Sour Diesel.

4. Up Northern Berry

With famous parents like Northern Lights & Blueberry, you kinda know this one is gonna be good before you even open the bag, and trust me, you won't be disappointed. Delicious fruity, berry flavours and a blissful, relaxing high make this indica one to try. Loads of deep orange hairs run through these dark green & purple squishy buds. Plus with Up, every batch is guaranteed over 20% THC!

5. Redecan Wappa

Wappa is a great chill strain ideal for beginners and veterans alike and Redecan's offering is one of the best. Tight, dense buds with a skunky, yet sweet smell will definitely stick to your fingers when you're busting this one up. A very stereotypical cannabis high; you may giggle, you may get the munchies, and you'll almost certainly have a great time.

Want to shop for these or other great strains? Check our our online Click & Pick ordering system today!

That's it for this time. Stay tuned to our Blog for more Mountain Highs and other great blog posts about everyone's favourite plant.

Toke On!

The Mountain Standard Gang


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