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Mountain Highs: Top 5 Vapes

Welcome back to our series of Mountain Highs, in which we explore the absolute best in legal Canadian cannabis available right here in Edmonton, AB.

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This time at Mountain Highs, we're taking a dive through the current (Spring 2021) Top 5 Vapes available here in Alberta. Perfect for when speed and stealth are key, vapes are also super-convenient and with the selection of vape cartridges growing ever larger the options are almost endless.

We've narrowed the list to 5 of the Best (in no particular order):

1. Ness Gram's Jam 510 0.5g Cartridge

What is Gram's Jam? Well, it's Grand Daddy Purple and African Durban Poison of course! Turns out Gram knows best and her recipe makes a pretty deadly combination of flavours and effects in this particular kind of Jam.

Ness Gram's Jam

You'll get hints of fruit like berries and citrus, along with a pleasant spiciness or pepperlike quality. These half gram carts are made with glass and contain a ceramic core that heats evenly for solid hits. Jam on!

2. Verse Summer Berry 510 1g Cartridge

Just in time for the start of the Spring-Summer seasons, it's the Verse Summer Berry cart! These juicy & potent 510 vapes have everything you could want. Great flavours, BIG 1g cart, & great price!

Quickly becoming more popular than even their famous Tropic Lemon cart, Verse has done it again with this one.

Verse Summer Berry

A cross of Blue Zkittles and Watermelon OG, the flavours are sweet and fruity and the high is a super chill indica-type effect you'll really enjoy after a long day.

3. Pure Sunfarms THC Distillate 510 0.5g Cartridge

Is potency your thing? I mean, is that THC% number the only thing you're looking for? Pure Sunfarms has the 510 cart for you...

Pure Sunfarms THC Distillate

With our latest batch coming in at a mind-boggling 95% THC, this pure distillate cartridge hits hard and hits fast. Coming with a custom ceramic mouthpiece and ceramic coil, these carts are built right and burn clean all the way to the bottom.

4. Greybeard SLK Live Resin 510 0.5g Cartridge

Finally, Live Resin carts are on the market! We've been asked for these for months and months now, and we are pumped to finally be able to offer these amazing and unique carts.

Greybeard SLK Live Resin Cart

Instead of the usual THC or CBD distillate found in the vast majority of 510 cartridges today, these special carts contain pure Live Resin!

An extremely potent and flavourful cannabis concentrate, Live Resin is often dabbed using a dab rig, which while certainly effective, is cumbersome and messy. Using a vape to get your Live Resin is a game-changer! Expect 80-85% THC and a more complete high than distillate.

5. Solei Free CBD 510 0.5g Cartridge

There aren't many CBD vapes on the market as of yet, but this offering from Solei is certainly among the best. Made with a broad-spectrum extract and packed with a peppermint gum kind of flavour, this uber-chill cart has very little THC and a big blast of CBD (1:7) for when you need to unwind.

Solei Free

100% plant based extract means a clean hit and these quality carts are expected to give out at least 250 of those hits, so don't worry about it not lasting... just like your high. Awesome.

Want to shop for these or other great vapes? Check our our online Click & Pick ordering system today!

Thanks for checking out our Top 5 Vapes and stay tuned to our Blog for more Mountain Highs and other great blog posts about everyone's favourite plant.

Vape On!

The Mountain Standard Gang


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