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Mountain Highs: Top 5 Pre-Rolls

Welcome back to our series of Mountain Highs, in which we explore the absolute best in legal Canadian cannabis available right here in Edmonton, AB.

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This time around we're taking a roll through the current (Spring 2021) Top 5 Pre-Rolls available here in Alberta. Perfect for when you're on the go, have no time to roll, or are just plain bad at rolling like me, here's five of our favs joints (in no particular order):

1. Simply Bare Organic SFV OG Kush 3x 0.5g

If you have read our first Mountain Highs on Dried Flower, then you likely saw how highly we rated the Blue Dream flower from Simply Bare and these SFV OG Kush Prerolls from B.C. organic company are another winner.

You can't really ever go wrong with OG Kush but this one is special. This 3pack of San Fernando Valley OG Kush is so terpy that the oils leach out of the flower and come through as coloured splotches on the paper. These colourizations are a sign of weed with flavour and aromas in abundance... and a true sign of quality & distinction.

2. Redecan Redees: Shishkaberry 10x 0.35g

By far one of the most popular options at Mountain Standard are the Redecan Redees, and our favourite of the bunch has to be the Shishkaberry.

Besides being the most stylish and consistently rolled joints out there, the 0.35g size is great for that personal sized option (as most sharing ain't cool anymore), plus the grass on the inside is pretty great too.

These 10packs started a mad scramble by other producers to play catch up on larger format preroll packs, but we're still waiting to see anyone with a better option. Also available in Wappa, Outlaw, & Cold Creek Kush varieties.

3. 7Acres Jack Haze 2x 0.5g

A lively and energetic strain, these Jack Haze doobs from 7Acres are a great way to blast through your house cleaning, to-do list, or even to get those creative juices flowing. 7Acres has a reputation for great flower and they roll it well.

Jack is a cross of Super Silver Haze & Jack Herer, has bright green buds and gives a great, clear-headed high. If Jack Haze isn't your thing, 7Acres also does pre-rolled White Widow, Sensi Star, Jean Guy, & Craft Pink Kush. All well worth a toke!

4. Canaca Indica 30 3x 0.5g

For all you THC fiends out there, these are the doobies you're looking for. With an expected range of 28-34% THC, you'd be hard pressed to find anything higher out there on the market. Not the best as far as flavour or dankness, but if you want to get really super high right now, you need look no further than these 3packs of half-grammers.

If 30% joints aren't for you, Canaca also offers expected ranges in the 24%, 19%, & 14% neighbourhoods too with their remaining Blend & Indica line-up.

5. Pure Sunfarms White Rhino 3x 0.5g

White Rhino is an Indica-dominant hybrid of Afghan, Brazilian and South Indian landrace strains resulting in a fun, well-balanced smoke well known for its potency. Pure Sunfarms finally delved into the preroll market with their Headband & White Rhino joints and we're certainly glad they did.

Very well rolled, these long slim joints smoke really well, last a long time, and the kick is great too. This is the only way I want to get kicked by a Rhino! Grab your sun-grown 3pack today.

Want to shop for these or other great left handed cigarettes? Check our our online Click & Pick ordering system today!

Thanks for checking out our Top 5 Prerolls and stay tuned to our Blog for more Mountain Highs and other great blog posts about everyone's favourite plant.

Toke On!

The Mountain Standard Gang


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